AWGE x Mercedes Benz Long Sleeve in Black
AWGE x Mercedes Benz Long Sleeve in Black
AWGE x Mercedes Benz Long Sleeve in Black
AWGE x Mercedes Benz Long Sleeve in Black
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AWGE x Mercedes Benz Long Sleeve in Black

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Release Date: March 17, 2022


AWGE is the brand of the New York rapper A$AP Rocky who belongs to the collective A$AP Mob. His style is unmistakable, his charisma blows everyone away. His extravagant taste in clothes makes him a fashion icon and his engaging manner lands him with women and music critics alike. He is the only true definition of "SWAG“.


 And now to “AWGE“:


What is “AWGE“? What does “AWGE“ stand for?

Maybe “A$AP Worldwide Global Enterprises?“ or “A Weird Genetic Experiment?“ or “Are We Gonna Eat?“

 No one really knows, and that probably is the point, because AWGE has two rules:

  1. "Never reveal what AWGE means."
  2. "When in doubt, always refer to rule #1"

If you ask the crew members something about AWGE, you get the following answer:

“The first rule about AWGE is you don't talk about AWGE“


ASAP Rocky once said:

"I feel like your sound should match your outfit, your outfit should match your video, your video should match your girlfriend, ya know?.... Everything is aesthetic."

So that describes what AWGE stands for. Awge is not a simple fashion brand. AWGE has designed experimental physical and digital experiences, produced music, directed prominent music videos and have collaborated with brands like Marine Serre, Needles, and now Mercedes Benz.

The crew get together and mastermind how they want to takeover, manipulate, or change the world in music, culture and film art. Words and phrases like “do it yourself”, "free thinking," "collective," and "free moving" have all been used to describe the group.


AWGE is art!